Raymond Yuan Keynote Speech: Globalization and Web3 Adoption

Raymond Yuan Keynote Speech: Globalization and Web3 Adoption

The Web3 is a platform where digital assets are owned directly by users. Unlike web2 applications, which are tied to an account, Web3 applications let users own their digital assets directly through non-fungible tokens. This means that game creators cannot take back in-game items, and users can freely sell them in open markets. It also allows people to engage in social interactions without having to rely on third-party companies or institutions.

Supporters envision decentralized social networks, “play-to-earn” video games in which people earn crypto tokens through their activities. The latter could eventually allow people to purchase and sell digital culture. The idealistic supporters of web3 claim that it will change the internet as we know it and upend traditional gatekeepers, ushering in a new age of digital economy without middlemen. However, the reality is far different. For the time being, we’re still a long way from such an idealistic vision.

While Web3 has already introduced some of its features for free, its relative cost of transactions remains high, which prevents mass adoption. However, developers are working hard to overcome this problem. New developments such as layer 2 scaling solutions and network upgrades are aimed at overcoming this problem. Web3 adoption will continue to depend on more robust and scalable infrastructure. This technology will be an integral part of the future internet. So far, many companies have been rushing to implement it, but the future still lies ahead.

A lot of Web3 projects rely on crypto tokens, and are still in a gray zone. While the Web3 projects are becoming a part of the zeitgeist, it remains unclear whether Web3 will succeed at scale. For now, there are a few projects that have already reached success, such as NBA Top Shot and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Other notable projects include Coinbase, a clearinghouse for cryptocurrency, and OpenSea, the largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFTs.

The Web3 ecosystem is not yet ready for widespread usage, but it is already a promising development. Its strong capabilities to empower individuals and local communities are poised to make it one of the most widely used systems on the Internet. There is even talk that DeFi could be the next big thing. And if it does, the web will benefit radically. This is just one of the many benefits to Web3! Just keep an eye on it.

The future of the Internet is a web where everyone is empowered. A decentralized web where individuals own sections of the web and are not controlled by a centralized company is what Web3 is trying to achieve. The Web3 infrastructure is a collaborative effort involving community members, contributors, and users. Hopefully, Web3 will make the internet more inclusive and useful for all. In the meantime, we are just beginning to understand its benefits.

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